Though it has been many years since I was actually paid to write software, I continue to code on a regular basis. Most of my work amounts to scripts and the like to facilitate some task or another.

Under the perhaps delusional belief that others might find my work useful, I have made available some of my projects under a BSD license. That makes this code free—as in beer. EECS degrees die hard.


LawTeX (pronounced Law-Tech) is a set of tools and templates that was designed to facilitate the use of the LaTeX typesetting and document preparation system in law school (where WYSIWIG editors and Microsoft tools in particular rule the day). It should, however, be useful to anyone looking to convert rapidly composed, text-based notes into beautifully typeset documents.

The system includes a very lightweight markup language for quickly taking notes in class; a compiler to convert the marked-up notes into TeX source code; LaTeX stylesheets for various purposes (e.g., notes, papers, outlines); and scripts to automate the building of the documents.

LawTeX was developed on—and is intended to be used with—a *nix operating system. (I used FreeBSD and Mac OS X in law school without trouble.) It may also work on Windows, but that is a rat’s nest I would prefer to avoid. Details are available here.

Realm Image Organization Tool

The Realm Image Organization Tool (RIOT to its friends) is a software package written in Perl designed to allow the quick organization and processing of a large number of photographs via the commandline.

Although I have been using some version of this software since 2006, it remains very incomplete and underdeveloped. I hope, however, to release a version at some point in the future. Meanwhile, articles I wrote describing this project are here and here.