Hello, World!

Welcome to my personal site. Some day, in what I hope is the foreseeable future, I will wake up with the energy and motivation to develop a technically astounding, substantively astonishing, thematically unparalled personal web site dedicated to my unquestionably mundane existence.

Until then, you will have to content yourself with this indubitably disappointing promise of a better tomorrow.

About Me

To make a somewhat long (and occasionally tedious) story short, I am an attorney based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before moving back to California, I lived for several years in New York, New York, and before that, I lived in Chicago, Illinois, where I attended The University of Chicago Law School.

I completed my undergraduate education at the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!) and hold a BS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and BA in Molecular & Cell Biology (Genetics).

For those strangely not satisfied with the above, you can read more about me and this site here. And, if you really must, the links nearby will take you to my presence on various social networks. But, in any case, be sure to check out the terms and conditions of use for this site—riveting reading, I tell you.


Though it has been many years since I was actually paid to write software, I continue to code on a semi-regular basis. Sometimes the delusions of grandeur overwhelm me and I feel compelled to post the software I have developed online for others to use. You can read about that delusional behavior here.


I have been publishing content—much of it of questionable coherence—on the web for more than two decades. Nevertheless, my claims to being a published author are rather limited. If reading law review articles is your thing (and, for your own sake, I sincerely hope it is not), you may find the following of interest:


Below is a list of organizations with which I have been affiliated in the past.