Rohit, November 2008

Me in the law library.
Chicago, IL
November 2008

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Rohit A. Nafday

Some day, in what I hope is the foreseeable future, I will wake up with the energy and motivation to develop a technically astounding, literally astonishing, thematically unparalled personal web site dedicated to my unquestionably trivial and meaningless existence. Until then, you will have to content yourself with this indubitably disappointing promise of a better tomorrow.

About Me

To make a rather long (and mostly pointless) story short, I am yet another thirty-something drifting along aimlessly toward inevitable oblivion. Like many of my ilk, I live in Brooklyn, NY, and am employed by the vast expanse colloquially referred to as corporate America.

Before moving to New York City, I lived in Chicago, IL, where I attended The University of Chicago Law School and spent my mid twenties accumulating both a JD and potentially crippling debt. And prior to that, I was a consultant based out of the San Francisco, CA, office of a large, multinational professional services firm, working in technology performance improvement.

I completed my undergraduate education at the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!) and hold both a BS and BA in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Molecular & Cell Biology (Genetics), respectively.

For those strangely not satisfied with the above, you can read more about me here.


Though I have been publishing content—most of it entirely incoherent—on the web since the turn of century, I do not quite fancy myself a writer just yet. Nonetheless, below are places on the web (and elsewhere) where you may find things I have written.


  • Comment, From Sense to Nonsense and Back Again: SRO Immunity, Doctrinal Bait-and-Switch, and a Call for Coherence, 77 U Chi L Rev 847 (2010).


  • Rohit's Realm
    Part unintelligible vitriol, part faux intellectualism, and part existential angst, the Realm, as it is affectionately known amongst its myriad (and by that, I mean two) readers, defies proper description. Suffice to say that it is a semi-personal collection of my thoughts, observations, and rants dating back to my days as an undergraduate. Read at your own peril.
  • The Faculty Blog
    I worked as a student correspondent for the Law School Faculty Blog from 2008 to 2010. Links to the posts I contributed are available below.
    • Information Acquisition and Panel Diversity (February 2010) [html]
    • The Mysteries of the Roman Sales Contract (January 2010) [html]
    • Standards Adrift (November 2009) [html]
    • Gun Regulation After Heller (May 2009) [html]
    • When Old Is Not Gold: The Exclusionary Rule Debate Revisited (April 2009) [html]
    • Shared Institutions of Justice: Nature or Nuture? (March 2009) [html]
    • Explaining Insider Knowledge in False Confessions (February 2009) [html]
    • Dispelling the Myth of Punishment Proportionality (January 2009) [html]
    • Self-Conception of Detention Discourse in Iraq (December 2008) [html]
    • When Good Kids Go Bad (November 2008) [html]
    • Crime and Punishment: The Intuitions That Unite Us (November 2008) [html]


Below is a list of organizations in which I am presently a member or with which I have been affiliated in the past.



  • Big Brothers Big Sisters (New York City) (2011–2012)
    I volunteered as a big brother in a community-based mentoring program in Manhattan.
  • Taproot Foundation (New York) (2011–2012)
    I volunteered as a web developer on an engagement to build a website for a New York–based nonprofit.
  • The Exoneration Project (2009–2010)
    I worked in a legal clinic that focuses on representing wrongfully convicted individuals.
  • The University of Chicago Law Review (2008–2010)
    I was first a staffer and then an articles editor for a student-edited journal.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters (Metropolitan Chicago) (2008–2009)
    I volunteered as a big brother for two years at Ray Elementary School in Hyde Park, Chicago, IL.
  • Wine Mess Committee (2008–2009)
    I, along with a few classmates, staffed the bar for the weekly law school social.
  • Taproot Foundation (San Francisco) (2006–2008)
    I volunteered on two separate engagements to help Bay Area nonprofits develop sustainable, effective, and maintainable web sites.
  • Junior Achievement (2005–2007)
    I taught a class of elementary school children for one hour a week, five weeks each semester.
  • DeCal (2005)
    I taught a 2 unit seminar on the history of conspiracy theories and The X-Files in Spring 2005 as part of the Democratic Education at Cal program.
  • Residential Computing (2002–2005)
    I worked first as a Programmer, and then, Lead Programmer during my undergrad years.
  • Cal Student Orientation (2003, 2005)
    I was a CalSO Counselor during the summers of 2003 and 2005.
  • Office of Student Development (2001–2004)
    I worked in Academic Services (2001–2002) and was a Resident Assistant at Unit 3, Priestley Hall (2003–2004).
  • Orange County On Track (1999–2001)
    I worked as a mentor for at-risk elementary school children while in high school.

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